The Orphaner, in the Flesh
a lot has happened got my goals done an livvin the easy life as a late course im sure youvve figured that out

Indeed. I’vve seen that. Relaxation is alwways nice, but excitement is a good thing to return to from time to time, is it not? Anything of interest wworth mentioning?

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No need to be so formal! )(e)(e. I’m not really one for formalities, anyway, even if I am an )(eiress. I’m doing GR-EAT! As per usual. 38) )(ow are you, Dualscar? 

As you prefer, Feferi. I am merely relaxing after my return from an excursion. And howw else are you faring? Wwhat havve you been occupying yourself wwith?

hey dualscar its been a long time

Eridan. It has been, hasn’t it? I see a lot has changed since I sequestered myself for a wwhile.

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O)(!! I, a)(, don’t need anyt)(ing! But it’s still great to meet you. 38) glub

The pleasure is all mine.  Though it is quite rude of me not to formally introduce myself. I am the Orphaner, Dualscar. You may call me whichevver name you prefer. Howw are you doing, Ms. Peixes?

Y0u w0uld be c0rrct.H0w are y0u,s0mething tells me y0u've been keeping busy.

Indeed. I havve been gone quite a wwhile on an excursion of my owwn.

And yourself, Ms. Aradia?

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)(ello! It’s nice to meet you! 

Wwell hello there. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance as wwell. Another heiress, I see. Howw may I be of assistance?



==> You almost snarl at the comment, shoving the figure back with your cane in hand. “Lowblood,” your sweet ass. Sure you were at the bottom of the ranks among the highbloods but that doesn’t mean you can’t be as intimidating. You move away and crouch,ready to pounce on him when the opening came, just waiting for him to turn fully to face you.

.. Well shit he was definitely tall. You can sense the voice coming from a high point before you. Focusing on the man, the familiarity sets in. Cloaked with nightshade, there stood the infamous Orphaner Dualscar, towering over you. Squinting through your ruby shades, you lean close and attempt to capture a better whiff.


==> Easing away from him, you lean against your cane, scratching at your head. It’s been more than a while since you last saw the Orphaner, a year maybe? Train of thought slowly delving away from your original goal of going out, you were lost for a brief moment, searching for blurry memories. 

Attention coming back to him, you inhale gently, taking in another wave of scents of color and details.

Wh3n d1d you g3t b4ck?

You were right. It was her; not an alternate, but definitely Cortura. She and you had been friends before you eventually secluded from society for a while. But you both were back…in the same place.

Just tonight. My battleship has docked in port.

After scanning her body up and down, your lips quavered into a smile. It was quite the coincidence, seeing the tealblood on your first trip back into the city. But a good one. 

Wwhat about yourself, Cortura? You vvanished before I did. Though you did knoww of my absence…

Shrugging and giving a hearty laugh, you put a hand on her shoulder, beckoning for her to walk with you.

Come, let us go to the nearest tavvern. I need a drink, and I’m sure you wwant one as wwell. Wwe can talk more peacefully there then standing out in an alleywway of the city.

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Wwell, sailing is the general gist of it, yes. Though more the spacefaring type then the seafaring one.

I am a privvateer wwith a small fleet of Imperial Battleships, avvailable for hire by those wwho can afford it. One such mission wwas wwhy I had to leavve for quite a wwhile. The pay wwas quite good, howwevver.

I wish that I understo+o+d any o+f that.

The pro+fessio+nal technical jargo+n is really no+t my stro+ng suit, if I must be ho+nest with yo+u. 

Ho+wever. It must be… Interesting.

To make things simple, I much more akin to a mercenary then a sailor. Though I do go on vvoyages of my owwn, mind you.

It is quite interesting. In addition to vviewwing many unchartered lands and exploring the vvast unknowwns, there is also many a good fight to be had. Something wwhich I particularly enjoy.

Though wwhat is it that you occupy your time wwith, Ms. Maryam? I wwould not be surprised if it differed vvastly from my interests.


Oh! I’m sorry to hear that. Tension leads to nasty cramps, don’t you know~

As for me, well. You know how I am. Things haven’t changed a bit, of course. I’m still getting in trouble, as usual. But it’s all been fine and well.

You alwways get into trouble, Advvoca. Howw has it been wwhere I havven’t been able to keep you out of it?

And cramps are not on my mind right noww. I am merely glad to be back at my hivve.


♌~I am a drama machine sometimes, without even knowing until it’s long over and I reflect on it. Ah well.

♌~I turned ten, I have acquired a toxicologist, a technician, and a scientist along with the throne of my universe’s Alternia. I also have a 28 foot tall biomech named Nero who is pure adorable.

♌~What else…

♌~Dead friends keep coming back to life, and apparently I have to protect someone from an intangible universe corrupting horrorterror. I killed a family because they startled me on accident and most of my internal organs are now synthetic because a yellowblood hit me point blank with psionics. I now have no functional reproductive organs. I’m supposed to get additional surgery sometime this perigree to replace them, along with a few other things.

♌~I think that’s the most important stuff.

I see. Quite the life you havve been livving in my absence. Not that any of that wwould havve changed in my presence.

"Dead" friends havve a tendency to come back to life, evven after a fatal shot. As wwell as dead enemies. So it goes.

Though you havve acquired the throne? Wwhat wwere the circumstances behind that?

As wwell as yourself being attacked by a psionic? You alwways seem to be attracted to vvast amounts of trouble wwhenevver you can. Like a moth to a light.